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Schoolhouse for Art- Spring 2014 Programme


Listed below are the Schoolhouse for Art 2014 1st term Classes & Workshops.

Schoolhouse for Art – therapy for the imagination.


WatercolourPainting class for all levels – 8 week block (Saturday afternoons) Yanny Petters. €120

WatercolourDrawing & Painting from Nature – single afternoon sessions (every Saturday and Thursday afternoons) Yanny Petters. €35

Oil PaintingAbstract Oil – 4 week blocks (Saturday Mornings/Tuesday Afternoons) Michael Gemmel. €120 

Oil & WatercolourThe Landscape – 4 week blocks (Tuesday Afternoons/Evenings) Michael McWilliams. €100 

Painting & Drawing: Beginner/Intermediate – 4 week blocks (Wednesday Mornings/Thursday Evenings) Dave Flynn. €100

Pastels (chalk)Exploring Pastels – 1 day workshop (Saturday 18th Jan.) Neil Condron. €60 Finished (register for repeat workshop)

Pastels (chalk)Exploring Pastels – 4 week blocks Neil Condron. €100


Drawing ClassDrawing from Nature ‘Weed & Wonderful’ – 8 week block (Wednesday Evening) Yanny Petters. €120

Life Drawing Life Drawing the nude, Thursdays (full day) – untutored – 1 day sessions (Thursdays weekly) €35

Life Drawing Life Drawing the nude, Thursdays (evening) – untutored – 6 week blocks (Thursdays Evenings) €90


WoodcarvingAn Introduction to Woodcarving – 4 weeks (Tuesday Evenings) Con Gent. €120

Clay Sculpting: Sculpting the Torso –  2 day weekend workshop (Saturday April 12th and Sunday13th) Paul Flynn. €160

Clay HeadClay Head Sculpting Stage 1 – 4 weeks (Wednesday mornings, afternoons and evenings) Paul Flynn. €100

Clay HeadClay Head Sculpting Stage 2 – 4 weeks (Wednesday mornings, afternoons and evenings) Paul Flynn. €135

Mosaic: Mosaic Crafting – 4 weeks (Friday Mornings) David Wilcoxson. €120


FeltingExploration in Felt – 5 weeks (Wednesday Eve.) OR 4 weeks (Thursday Morn.) Joanna Kidney €120

Hat MakingIntroduction to Sinamay Fascinators – 1 day workshop (date to be confirmed) Jean Condron €130

BookbindingLearn how to create your own Personal Book and Notebook – 4 weeks (Wed. Afternoons repeat Wed. evenings) Laurie le Grand €120 Evening class added

Textiles: Screen printing for textiles – 6 weeks (Monday Mornings) Anne Jeffares. €130

Textiles: Dissolvable Delights – 6 weeks (Monday Afternoons) Anne Jeffares. €120

Textiles: Dyeing to print – An introduction to colouring and printing textiles. – 6 weeks (Monday Evenings) Anne Jeffares. €120

Silkscreen Printing (to be confirmed).

Stain glass Painting (to be confirmed).

Ceramics (to be confirmed).


Recently added Wet Plate Collodion Photography – Recreating Historical Photographic Processes. 2 Day Weekend Workshop Monika Fabijanczyk €200


Introduction to Art History (Major Artists and Movements  from Antiquity to Modern Art) – 4 week blocks (Wednesday Evenings) Laurie le Grand €90


Schoolhouse for Art (Children’s Summer Camp details will be posted shortly).


Life Drawing Sessions – Monthly (Friday Evenings) Sahoko Blake €20

Portfolio Preparation – 3 weeks (Sunday Afternoons) Michelle Owen €90

Transition Year Workshops/courses & work experience  (to be confirmed).

Booking a Course;

All classes and workshops must be registered online at Fee payment options are indicated. All fees must be paid in full in advance to secure a place. A materials list will be sent to you on enrolment and students must provide their own materials, except where specified.

Please note;

Schoolhouse for Art (SfA) class/workshop dates and times may be altered, please refer to our website when booking. SfA reserves the right to terminate a class which has ceased to be viable. Classes are restricted to limited numbers and may be age restricted. See our website for all terms and conditions.

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Coptic Textiles

24 January – 19 March 2014

Found in the dry desert areas of Egypt, substantial numbers of Coptic textiles have survived. Most of them are fragments of the woven and embroidered garments in which the Copts buried their dead.Coptic textiles were made between the 5th and 11th centuries AD. Early examples incorporate Egyptian and classical motifs; later pieces show the influence of Byzantium and, later still, of Islamic art. Woven in wool and linen, they are admired for their bold pictorial designs and saturated colours.

Horseman/Saint Medallion

Large roundel with animal motifs

Don’t miss the Tour

Introductory tour of the Andrea Büttner and Coptic Textiles exhibitions will be given on Wednesday, March 12, at 1.15pm.

All are welcome, admission free.

More information on: