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May 2014 Meeting & AGM

The title of our May talk is:

“Textiles from The National Botanic Garden’s Economic Botany Collection: Uncovering and Preserving Our Biocultural Heritage”.

By:  Ariane Factor

The Economic Botany Collection is housed in the National Herbarium at Glasnevin.

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It is a made up of a substantial collection of plant specimens such as bark, fruits, leaves, fibres, tubers as well as plant-derived products and artefacts. It demonstratesbotanic gardens_1 the technology, craft and knowledge involved in the production of plant products; how humans have utilised and managed their environments over time and how plants have influenced and shaped humanity. As humans have developed and adapted to the natural environments in which they live, nature has simultaneously influenced cultural beliefs, knowledge systems, languages and practices.



CAROLINE MOORE will be our guest Speaker in April and will give an afternoon workshop on bleaching.


Caroline is a studying artist and has a passion for texture found on decaying, exposed and aged surfaces caused by the elemental forces of nature and environmental degradation.  She combines metal and found objects in many of her works which are often rust dyed and discharched with machine and hand stitch.

Samples from Afternoon Workshop