Monthly Archives: January 2016

Happy New Year

Firstly Happy New Year to all our members. It such a delight to see everyone at our first meeting of the year and share stories of our Christmas Holidays. As you know, our first meeting is where we have our annual charity bring and buy. Thank you all who rummaged through the fabric stash and brought bits, the table where a full of wonderful fabrics, threads, laces, frames etc and a great rummage was had by all. I am delight to announce that we raised over €700 on the day.

This will be given as aCapuchin Day Centre donation to our charity for this year, the Capuchin Day Centre for the Homeless. ( . The centre relies a great deal on direct donations (as it does not have a fund raising staff) in a situation where demand for meals, food parcels, support services etc is growing.

We also had our annual quiz from Anne, which was tough as ever. There are three rounds in total and each question relates to the textile industry in some way or another. I do believer I come away learning more about textiles than actually answering any question. But a great time is had by all and congratulations to the winning team.